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  1. Drakill Nov 19, 2012


    Did anybody go and see Linkin Park will they were here in SA? I couldn't go :( I really wanted to though.

  2. ferrel01 Nov 18, 2012

    their older stuff is much better then their newer their newer seems to retro thats not the word im looking for but oh well

  3. Drakill Jun 04, 2012

    Yeah! Link Park's old stuff is much better than their new stuff. From that album Live In Texas (or whatever) with Jay-Z their music, I think, Isn't as good as it used to be. Their best albums are Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
    PS= I'm new to the group :D

  4. crafos Jan 03, 2011

    hey I saw LP in november in O2 arena london amazing show

  5. lunaticbunny Aug 04, 2010

    I love all their songs
    Linkin Park Rules !

  6. Recevr Dec 27, 2009

    I like their older stuff, their new stuff just dum. Its still good but not as good as their older stuff

  7. ImyImy Mar 03, 2009

    My favorite english band since as 1st grade! XD

  8. cloudstrifekilledme Jan 19, 2009

    GO LP! :]]] buuut i liked the old lp better tho, overall their the best band evr! :D!

  9. April21 Jan 19, 2009

    i love this band they are like hackin awesome!

  10. yaoiokami Nov 29, 2008

    Can't wait for their new material! I'm absolutely looking forward to their new CD!

  11. Hiime-chan Nov 09, 2008

    The better band of the world! *-*
    I listen than since they appear =3! *O*

  12. streamheart Nov 02, 2008

    linkin par are one of the first english bands i ever listened to them , am hooked ever since :D

  13. pur3blood Sep 07, 2008

    I love Linkin Park....they're so good....i listen to their songs every day ....

  14. mangagirl89 Jul 30, 2008

    LP is my life! :D I was 12 when I started to listen their great songz! :D
    I love them soooo much... <33

  15. tisha May 05, 2008

    Linkin Park is the BEST! They are the first rock group i listened to and they simply ROCK!My favourite song is Numb but i love all of their songs!the instrumental version of their songs is so cool!^_^

  16. Calimouse Apr 21, 2008

    Omigod! I love Linkin Park so much! They were like the first band that I truly OBSESSED over! Heh heh they ROCK.

    merged: 04-29-2008 ~ 09:28am
    So, hey are your fav songs by Linkin Park? I absolutely loved the My December remix! ^^

  17. AshuraYamato Mar 13, 2008

    I'd have to say that my fave song is numb hands down!

  18. lVic3 Feb 18, 2008

    hope LP can make more nice song>.<

  19. IcyBlade Feb 17, 2008


    Hope LP gets more better!

    I love Linkin Park cause they rawkz!

  20. miumilee90210 Jan 14, 2008

    hmm..linkin parks good... my fav song is NOT what iv done..its a tie between no more sorrow and...Peices..yeah

  21. IcyBlade Dec 04, 2007

    got any LP new video?

  22. lipa Nov 24, 2007

    i love lp....

  23. ParagonXx Sep 10, 2007

    LP rocks, ^^
    love all of their songs!

  24. rbck09 Jul 16, 2007

    hy everyone

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